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Why Staffing Agencies Are Important

Staffing agencies are important in the talent search for many businesses. A staffing agency is an outsourced agency that is compensated a certain amount of money for placing a candidate in a business. In addition to staffing companies, this also encompasses contingency firms, recruitment process outsourcing companies, retained search consultant businesses, and mixtures of any of the previously mentioned companies.


When comparing recruiters that work at outside agencies and corporate agencies, there is not one single thing that makes one higher in status except that those that work at outside agencies have less work and their pay is dependent on performance instead of their scale of work.

That factor is very beneficial in times where the recruiters are representing highly-qualified professionals.


Regrettably, a high number of recruiting businesses don’t utilize the benefit of that factor. A lot of them rival on how fast they can place a candidate and how cheap they can offer their services, while putting forward the same professionals that the businesses that hire them can gain access to without the recruiting firm.

Distinction Factors - What Makes Recruiting Companies Succeed

1. As a result of them working with the active and inactive job-seekers, recruiting companies can heighten the quality scale of each new placement.

The only excuse for giving the recruiting firm payment of 20% or more for a person is if the hire is easily seen as better compared to the candidates that your business is attracting through its own recruiting efforts. To gauge this, ask the recruiting company to show you their top recruits, ask them to reveal how the company came upon those candidates, and measure them against the candidates your company is already interviewing for the identical position.

2. As a result of having less work, the recruiting firms have more time available to perform a more specialized search for candidates. That is why they find and employ better candidates.

Recruiters have to possess above average staffing skills while working with inactive job-seekers. In order to succeed, recruiters have to be exceptional when it comes to that. In cases where corporate recruiters possess the same skillset, because of the amount of assignments they have, they do not possess the freedom of time to put more effort into recruiting the inactive job-seekers.

3. High quality candidates desire to work with recruiting firms.

High quality people, most specifically people with three or over three years of professional experience, look for the top outsourced staffing firms to notify them of job openings at various businesses. That key point is favorable compared to corporate recruiters that are tied to one specific business.

4. Staffing firms have extensive networks to quickly find candidates.

One aspect of a successful recruiter is the chance to establish extensive networks of inactive candidates. That aspect provides a benefit when it comes to source and pace and it also allows them to quickly find qualified candidates.

5. Staffing firms comprehend what positions need, which results in companies employing people who can quickly grasp the job and succeed.

External recruiters, specifically the ones who specialize in clearly defined fields of expertise, must comprehend the needs of the one in charge of hiring as well as the positions that are being hired for. Corporate recruiters have that ability but they do not often have the opportunity, so they depend heavily on qualifications, experience, and rate of pay to choose potential hires, which filters out the prospects that have major potential as well as diverse job-seekers.

6. Staffing firms have a lot of time to search for passive job-seekers.

Persuading people that are not searching for another job involves more energy than recruiting people that want to leave their current job. The majority of corporate recruiters utilize a lot of time searching for the active job-seekers that are on the backend. It is recommended that the top third-party recruiters utilize 80%-90% networking and finding active job-seekers.

The top external recruiters should do business with the same managers that are in charge of hiring on a regular basis to establish trust that is tough to duplicate with a recruiter in corporate who has to do business with various hiring managers.

8. The top recruiting agencies give extended guarantee periods

I would doubt a third-party recruiter’s ability to provide high quality people if they won’t offer a 6-12 month guarantee period. Nevertheless, if the external recruiter is proficient at their job and are able to perform it, then this guarantee should not present an issue for a retained search or contingency agency.

9. A third-party recruiter should worry about placing candidates in companies over the level of activity. If that is done then external recruiters won’t have to go through so many people to hire a high-quality candidate.

There are recruiters that will push out a lot of candidates in hopes that one is good enough to be hired when their pay is performance-based. Companies should not work with recruiters that are like that. By handling the hiring process from start to finish, the greatest third-party recruiters work with less top candidates and do not have to show over four potential hires in order for one to be offered employment.

10. As a result of third-party recruiters consulting their clients to fit their needs, instead of having a transactional approach, the potential hires that they present will accept the offer of employment for good reasons.

The top third-party staffing agencies are assuring that their inactive job-seekers comprehend the extended career possibilities that are attached to a new position. Although that is more time consuming for the staffing agency, it guarantees that the new hire has a high chance of long-term success because they are accepting the job offer because of career growth and needs instead of a better pay.


Working with a top third-party recruiting agency that measures up against the previously listed qualifications should be an aspect of the program for gaining talent in all businesses. Nevertheless, when a company finds this type of agency it is not beneficial to try to make the agency comply with company regulations that do not allow them to utilize those different strengths. On the other hand, it would be beneficial to use their strengths to your advantage, compensate them their fee, and realize that employing the top candidates is an investment over many years that gives you a consistent return.

11. Staffing agencies offer more flexible employees than a corporate recruiter can.

There are times when businesses will need employees to be flexible as a result of constantly changing needs. That is where staffing agencies come into play. Staffing agencies specialize in short-term and long-term contract employees, which results in them having a highly developed network of flexible candidates for times when you only need an employee for three to six months instead of permanently.

7. Hiring Managers trust staffing firms.

The top external recruiters should do business with the same managers that are in charge of hiring on a regular basis to establish trust that is tough to duplicate with a recruiter in corporate who has to do business with various hiring managers.

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